Welcome to the new & improved Branches Designs of Hilton Head!

Welcome to Branches Designs fresh new look!

We are thrilled to announce our newly updated look here at Branches with a fresh new feel in both our store, our website, and our social media! After a busy few weeks in the new year, a few coats of paint, and a lot of homemade chocolate chip cookies, Branches feels like a whole new place to shop while still having that Southern, feel-right-at-home kind of vibe. 

Did you know, too, that we are the new home for Savannah's Marche de Macarons? These light & airy delights are the perfect addition to our new gifts, jewelry, permanent florals & stems, and found goods we're continuously adding to the store.

Branches of Hilton Head will host an open house on Saturday, March 10, in partnership with the Greenery and Gifted of Hilton Head. Come help us celebrate the new store and explore our unique pieces and finds - perfect to add to your home for springtime flair!

Thank you for all your love & support for Branches - we look forward to seeing you soon, y'all!